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May 23, 2024

08:30 – 17:00

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Advice on Equity Release Schemes

What is Equity Release?

As people live longer, funding your retirement can become difficult. Your home is often your biggest asset and releasing the tied up cash can help you reach your retirement goals. Equity Release allows you to enjoy tax-free funds as either a lump sum, regular instalments or a combination of both.

Our Independent Financial Advisers specialise in Equity Release. They will assess all the products on the market and advise based on your individual requirements and situation. We will guide you through every step and create a bespoke financial plan for you.

The Benefits of Equity Release

        • Continue to live in your own home
        • No monthly repayments option
        • You choose how to spend your money:
          • Home repairs
          • Holidays
          • To create a monthly income

Alternative Options

Equity Release is a lifelong commitment and may not be suitable for everyone. As part of a financial review, our Advisers will suggest alternatives if they are more appropriate for you.

Things to consider are:

          • Moving house and downsizing can mean moving to another area and having less space but it could enable you to remain mortgage free after all the moving costs
          • Our Advisers will look at your current savings and investments to make the most of them
          • Your local authority may be able to provide financial assistance or grants for home improvements and repairs
          • Check that you are claiming all the state benefits you are entitled to. Taking Equity Release may also affect the benefits you are currently claiming

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