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November 2020 and the world is still in the midst of the Global pandemic that is Covid-19.

Lockdown, and the easing of restrictions, has led us to living life and looking at life differently and more closely.

But how often should we be looking at our financial wellbeing?

Here at Temple Wealth Management, any clients with investments paying an ongoing fee will have the benefit of at least one annual review a year. Why? Do you remember when you first started to save and invest, what was the priority, saving for a holiday, a house deposit or looking well ahead in into the future at your retirement and investing in a pension.

What risks were you prepared to take in order to achieve a growth that had the potential to outperform any savings account that you could access on the high street? How have your priorities changed, maybe now you are married, had children, looking into buying property, maybe divorced or even approaching that retirement you started saving for.

With an annual review of your investments, you can revisit your previous goals, priorities and attitude to investment risk, review your funds to see how they have performed, and see if they are still the right funds for you?

You will have the opportunity to agree to any recommended changes that are needed to your investments. It may be that when you first invested you were happy to take quite a high risk with your investments as you had a lengthy timeline to make up for any falls in the market – and let’s face it the last 7 months have seen significant falls but also signs of recovery.

Now the time may have come that you need to reduce that risk and look to being a little more cautious in order to achieve your goals.

As we head into another, hopefully short, period of lockdown in England is this a service you are currently receiving, have you made investments in the past that haven’t been revisited? now is the time to plan this in.

If this sounds like something you think you could benefit from, give our advisers a call on 01329 282882, or contact us through our Facebook or online Contact Us page. In these changing times appointments can be made to suit your best needs and make you feel comfortable.